The Rise of Whistleblowers

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In most countries, people are familiar with the term whistleblower. However, if you are not popular with it, let me decipher the meaning.

A whistleblower is someone who can speak the truth and report the wrongdoings in groups. Being a whistleblower is not that simple. You have to be straightforward about what you saw, what you felt, and what you heard. A whistleblower must have the skilled ability to share her/his experiences at the workplace or organization. The rights of becoming a whistleblower are like you are passionate to be bold; you strive for it, and what you believe in is so inspiring. No means no. If there’s something left unsaid, mention it.

During college lives, students might follow the event organization recruitments more than three times. The advantages of holding faculty's events are like having limitless connections with event makers, establishing good cooperation between faculty and client, and bringing excitement to the others. 

Like the regular cycle, any available requirement does make an announcement for members to join, either it is shared in social media, or in groups. The next steps are filling out the registration form, choosing what you need to hone your skill for, and lastly, joining the interview. 

From mindtools.com, I see the mistakes that recruiters usually make. They are relying too much on the interview, hiring people less qualified than others (I think other people have much more potential), and rejecting overqualified candidates. Those mistakes are things that I have to highlight in this writing because they are similar to nepotism and corruption.

Detecting Nepotism Around Us

nepotism, nepotisme

The presented image above conveys the hidden action of recruitments. Here, let me give you an example about Milane that represents this thing.

One day, Milane got a notification on her phone saying that the faculty needs plenty of students to contribute to the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Philosophy celebration. She then filled the requirement and chose the Design Division. On the one hand, Sofia—Milane’s closest friend—chose the Event Division. Without any longer, they followed up the interview. 

On the next Tuesday, Milane and Sofia received an acceptance email. Surprisingly, they both got accepted into the chosen team. This time, Sofia realized something fishy when she joined the group. She saw her classmates, Juna, who is known as unqualified and not really serious to take a part in the Event Division. It shocked Sofia; she had a marvelous time puzzling everything. She then told Milane about the news, and they decided to seek the truth although it’ll take quite a bit of time. 

After several days of searching, they found it; the white lies. They provided facts that Juna wasn’t even listed in the acceptance. Laura, the Head of the Event Division, didn't feel ashamed of this topic, and she would not redo the interview. Witnessing this shameful works, they then reported it to the Head Officer, Revi. However, Revi, Laura, and Juna know this connection. They are pretty close that it’s easy for Juna and Laura to get the place they wanted. 

Milane and Sofia were thinking about how to end this practice. Milane suggested reporting this case to the Head of Faculty that there was deceitfulness in recruiting people. In the end, Milane and Sofia were successful in solving this problem. So, what happens to Juna, Laura, and Revi? Well, they get the sack at the moment, having an embarrassing consequence, and didn't interact with anyone. The Faculty of Philosophy is obliged to improve strict enlisting, so people are safe from the circle of nepotism. 

Nepotism refers to the use of power to benefit a specific group's interests, which is usually motivated by personal greed. Just like corruption, nepotism also exists in education, entertainment, politics, etc. This favouritism of choosing up roles is needed by several people so that they will take it because it’s the easiest way for joining something important. Nepotism begins at a young age. It all starts with parental favouritism toward their children. This type of inequity is ingrained in the children's subconscious minds and will influence their future behaviour. We know that nepotism considers preference on how they look, how close you are with people that have big power in position, and worse, it leads to discrimination. We all know that corruption and nepotism are rampant in our country, yet there are no ways to make changes to break the chain.

Corruption Taking Swings


After examining nepotism, we should discuss its friends as well; corruption and collusion. Speaking of corruption's most real meaning, I have to tell you first that corruption doesn’t work only in economics. It also appears in many aspects around us. The examples are healthcare institutions, education institutions, and so on. According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, corruption is dishonest or illegal behaviour, especially by powerful people (government officials or police officers). 

Corruption is not always for company gain but also for personal profit. To succeed in its motive, we need people that have power in our targeted spot. We strive for that spot and explore the hidden way for that goal to be a part of our applied organization. In 2004, Kofi A. Annan wrote the foreword that said corruption is an insidious plague. It has a wide range of corrosive effects on societies. Corruption undermines democracy and the rule of law, leads to violations of human rights, distorts markets, and erodes the quality of life. Lastly, it allows organized crime, terrorism, and other threats to human society.

Corruption is both morally wrong and, in most cases, illegal. It is prohibited because it is ethically disgusting. What is illegal is not always unethical, and what is legal can be unethical sometimes. On the other hand, corruption does not include all immoral or wrongful behavior. Assaults and drunk driving, for example, are not acts of graft even though they are both immoral and illegal.

Final Opinion

From the narrative above, we can infer that the trio corruption, collusion, and nepotism occur in every aspect of our lives. They might culminate in the tyrant as well. However, there are some things we can do that will prevent them from tyrannizing. We have to be transparent, communicate what seems wrong, and eventually try not to get involved with such things. By following these actions, corruption, collusion, and nepotism will undoubtedly lose in every aspect.

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Writer: Firly Nur Aliifah

Editor: Wahyuningtyas