Managing Our Mental Health as College Students During Pandemic

 Hi everyone! How’s your day? Hope you are still healthy and safe! ^^

Nowadays, people put their concern to mental health as it can impact their behaviours, thoughts, emotions, and last but not least their physical health. Lately, many countries face COVID-19 pandemic which results in anxiety, loneliness, stress, depression, and for the worst case it will end up with self-harm. In line with this pandemic, mental illness is regarded as a serious problem, especially for college students. How could it be? The pandemic pushes them to do social isolation. It changes their habit and aggravates their situation as college students who have many assignments. 

Disclaimer: we would like to inform you that we are neither professionals nor experts in the topic of mental health. Through this article, we simply want to spread awareness regarding the matter and in case any of you feel the need to talk further about this issue, we highly recommend you to seek professionals’ help as soon as you can!

Types of mental health problems:

1. Insomnia 

Insomnia is the first example of a mental health problem. It occurs as a result of students’ habit, for example staying up until morning to do assignments. It gives an impact for a cognitive function which affects difficulty in thinking. It doesn’t just make mental health worse, but it also affects physical health then causes some serious problems such as diabetes, obesity, and stroke. 


2. Anxiety Disorder

According to the American Psychological Association, for the late 10 years anxiety among college students has been increasing every year and it has become the number one main cause of psychological problems. Feeling anxious or uneasy is normal, but it gets dangerous if you feel excessive anxiety. It can disturb your health, increases the risk of heart disease, and affects your social life. 


3. Depression

We all know that the pressure of being college students isn’t as simple as we imagined. We have to control ourselves, manage our time, and do everything alone that requires ourselves to take all of those responsibilities and consequences as our decision as a part of adulting. A survey from the American Psychological Association stated that depression among college students is number two as the cause of psychological problems. 


4. Eating Disorder

Eating disorder is one of the mental problems which some college students experience. When you notice a change in your diet, such as eating more or less, this might be an early sign that you have an eating disorder. To help your body get nutritions, you should pick yourself up and eat as much as your body needs while seeking professionals’ help. Remember to never self diagnose! 


Social isolation obviously affects college students’ mental health. It can’t be denied, even life is still going on. One thing certain is knowing how to handle our stress and let it be our daily routines during the pandemic. 


So, here are some tips to control our mental health:

1. Connect with others

Keeping your relationships with relatives and friends by using social media such as WhatsApp, LINE, and Skype is important. You can tell your activities during the stay at home period, give movies and songs recommendations, and talk about anything you want. It will break a distance between you and others and can also relieve your loneliness.


2. Do your hobby

This is one of the best things you can do during the pandemic period. Doing a hobby can be done if you feel bored with your assignment or work. Some students may not be able to do this because their hobbies require outdoor activities. It had better find another hobby which doesn’t treat your health. 


3. Take a deep breath

Take time for yourself each day and step away from your usual activities. Don’t forget to take a deep breath and make yourself relax. It is the key to keep your mind positive. Taking a deep breath is needed when you feel difficulty throughout your life. It’s okay to cry, feel angry, and disappointed because of this situation, but don’t let those negative things dominate your mind. 


4. Try new things

Stay at home period means you have time to think about everything, especially trying something you’ve never done. Let your creativity stand out during this time. Building your own business is worth trying, even if you start with a simple business. Don’t worry about the result, whether it is bad or good as your expectation, at least you have tried.


5. Exercise 

To keep your mind healthy, you have to pay attention to your physical health. Even though your activities are not as heavy as usual, you must still try to do exercise. Doing exercise will create your body to stay fit and boost your immune system. After you do it, don’t forget to consume healthy food and drink to fulfil your body needs. 


Last but not least, we will never get tired to remind you all to seek professionals' help if you need it. Remember that you guys are very much loved and if life doesn’t seem to be good now, keep in mind that it will not be the same way forever. Things are bound to change; so be kind and take care of yourself, okay? Keep your spirit for next semester, guys! Don’t forget to share this info and positivity with your loved ones!


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