According to the decree issued by the Directorate of Student Affairs Universitas Airlangga number 2257/UN3.4/KM/2018 regarding the activities of freshmen at the department level, the implementation of orientation activities for freshmen at the department level must pay attention to several important points. One of these points is the prohibition of freshmen orientation activities held during evening hours (6 pm and above).

However, the need for orientation activities for freshmen at the department level cannot be ignored. These activities need to be held because of some reasons: facilitating adaptation and interaction between freshmen and the academic community at the department level, fostering and strengthening a sense of kinship between freshmen and academics at the department level, providing insight as well as knowledge about campus life, training and improving freshmen’ soft skills, and obtaining “Excellence with Morality” generation. 

In accordance with the two points above, BPH EDSA and the committee decided to continue to carry out new student orientation activities by following the new regulations. We, as the executors of new student orientation activities in the Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Humanities Universitas Airlangga decided to change the name of our activity which was originally “Gathering Night” to “Days with EDSA (DATE)”. This decision was made to emphasize that there will be no orientation activities held in the evening hours. In addition, the implementation of the activity refers to rules and regulations of Universitas Airlangga.