RICE 2018: Harmony in Diversity

An annual charity event named Ramadhan in Charity with EDSA (RICE) 2018 was successfully held by English Department Students’ Association (EDSA) Universitas Airlangga on May 26th at SD Muhammadiyah 9 Surabaya. This year, RICE came up with ‘Harmony in Diversity’ as the main theme, which intended to show that differences might be a way to spread happiness and bring harmony in diverse society.

The participants of this event were fifty elementary school students. They participated in several games such as ‘Guess the Word’ and ‘Train the Balloon’. This event also invited a hundred elderly women who live near the venue, as well as three communities which are Komunitas Natha Aruna, Paguyuban Nelayan Udang Rebon, and Komunitas Motor Difabel. Edsaman and other live performances were featured to make the event more festive. 

After all the fun, the committees distributed the donations they had gathered to the participants. The students got goodie bags containing some school supplies. A package of daily needs were distributed to the elderly women. Also, certain amount of donation was addressed to the invited communities.

During Iftar, the participants, the committees, and the alumni of English Department altogether enjoyed many kinds of dishes such as pudding, kebab, and choux. They were allowed to choose any kind of desserts they craved for. Then, the participants were directed to pray Maghrib together. 

The event was continued with a segment named ‘Infinity Night’ which was intended to the alumni of English Department and the committees. Its main purpose is to provide a sharing session regarding to both academic and non-academic matters. Some games such as ‘Werewolf’ and ‘Never Have I Ever’ were also conducted to brighten the atmosphere.

Overall, the event was a big success. The main purpose of this event was achieved as the donations were well-distributed to those in need. All the hard work from the committees and the related parties has definitely paid off as the participants enjoyed each sessions of the event.


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