Mr. Deny A. Kwary and his Grand Research

A lecturer is the one who had a top role within educational system in every university around the world. Being a lecturer, one will always be expected to make a major development, or significant changes within the system itself.

This year, Mr. Deny A.Kwary, one of our beloved lecturer of English Department, has announced about his grand research, in which will make a major development towards a better educational advantage.

"My grand research this year: "Formulasi Klasifikasi Kosakata, Jenis Pemarkah Waktu, dan Bentuk Kalimat di Artikel Ilmiah Jurnal Internasional" "  -Deny A.Kwary

Each of the terms has its own function. Mr. Deny A. Kwary has mentioned thoroughly about its purposes and functions.

The first one, "Formulasi Klasifikasi Kosakata" , as the title stated, this term relates to how every science researcher choose a proper vocabulary set for every research paper they made. Mr.Deny A.Kwary took and analyzed the specific level of academic vocabulary, the "technical vocabulary"  which encompasses the word sets based on their own academic subfields.

The second one, "Jenis Pemarkah Waktu" , or in short, how the writers choose a proper tenses for each of their writing sections according to its own function. For example : the fixed usage of 'simple present tense' for every 'definition' section regardless of when and where it was defined.

The last one, "Bentuk Kalimat", relates to how Mr.Deny A.Kwary analyzed the wide range of sentence form sets and their own function within every academic subfield. For example, simple sentences may be more suitable for one kind of science, and unsuitable for the other one.  Mr Deny stated how this term crucial in doing any research paper, because every scientific research theme has their own fixed sentence forms. 

"First, I will pick about 600 international journal articles, in which consist of about 3,6 million words. Each word then will be tagged and noted, making the analysis easier." 

The research won't be a short one. The articles will be converted into text files, then the text files will be converted into metadatas. "Then, from the metadatas we could analyze the genders, the languages, whether it is British English or American English, and finally we could see the frequency of which sentence forms most used"  -Deny A.Kwary. 

Mr. Deny A.Kwary expected that, this approximately-12-months-long research will bring a great advantages for the lecturers and researchers who are willing, planning, analyzing, or even undergoing their researches towards international journals. 

In addition, he was planning to hire any fresh-graduates who are interested to be his research assistance.

So much brilliant ideas coming from our lecturer. We wish you the best of luck for your grand research, sir. Salute..and good luck !