Upgrading 2k15

             Upgrading is an annual event of EDSA with the purpose to improve togetherness, teamwork and leadership among board committee of EDSA. The event that was held on 3-4 May 2015 in Gedung Taruna Looka,Claket  got a big respond and enthusiasm from the EDSA’s members itself. Although, not all members could join this event, but the other forty seven members could join and blend with other very well. In upgrading, to fulfill the aims which are to improve togetherness, teamwork and leadership there are some events that had already prepared by the committee. The events included games, organization life in campus, sharing, tracking to the waterfall, and circle of togetherness.
            The aim of the games was to make each member could show their togetherness with other. Then, the favorite part of this section is when someone lost in the game. The one who lost in the game must take a challenge to do “Truth or Dare” that asked by other member.
            Then, Organization life in campus, this section have an aim to improve and share the experience from senior to junior especially EDSA’s member. The speakers who delivered the short course of organization life are Rizkyan Aryandi Putra and Pujo Sakti Nur Cahyo. The materials are good, communicative and very useful to all the members.
             Next, the section after organization life in campus, there is sharing. Sharing is divided by two sections, sharing from head of committee to other members and from EDSA’s member to other members. This section could make a warm atmosphere and make each member know the problems and give some solution to solve it. This section can build togetherness and leadership among EDSA’s members.
            After that, the other exciting section was tracking to the waterfall. While tracking to the waterfall, every member enjoyed the trip, although the trip was very hard and long way to reach. Upon arriving, the all members were very amazed with the view; the waterfall is very beautiful and natural. Suddenly, all members reach the waterfall and jump into the waterfall.
            The last section of upgrading is the circle of togetherness, this section made all members gave some simple message to all members within the envelopes. It provided other to give some advice or suggestion to other. Then, in the last part, the envelope given back and read by the owner.
            That was all the sections in the upgrading; the sections were games, organization life in campus, sharing, tracking to the waterfall, and circle of togetherness. Then, hopefully all of those sections could upgrade the togetherness, intimacy, teamwork and leadership among EDSA’s member.


Author: Abee Hanantan
Editor: Vita Ayu