Important stuffs you need to know
with the rise of crime at night in the city of Surabaya. For all of you, who drive a car or motorcycle alone during the night, are urged to be always alerted, when crossing these following areas:
- By Pass Krian
- MEER Surabaya
- Rungkut Industry Areas
- Ngagel
- Wiyung - Unesa
- Gedangan
- Legundi crossroad up to Mojokerto
- H.R Muhammad Surabaya
- Puncak Indah Lontar Surabaya

The "robber" starts their actions at"21:00 to 06:00" between 23.00 – 04.00 is their crucial time  they do not hesitate to injure and even kill their victims.
-          The robber tends to use motorcycle during their operations
-          They launch their operations together usually more than 3 members
-          They use harmful weapons such as blade, baseball stick, knife, sword, machete and even pistol
-          Lone motorcyclists is their primary target, they will stick/follow behind you until it gets into perfect moment they will approach you and swing their weapons into your head or hand
-          Lone car driver is not often as motorcyclists as the primary targets of robber.
-          Be careful when there is somebody throws something like liquids, into your front glass, if they do.. don’t sweep your glass with wiper or the liquids will spread and covered the entire of your glass that makes you hard to see.

The motorcyclists…. What you need to know
If you are a motorcyclist, there are several things we wish you to do.. it is “wish” okay not “must or need” so it is up to you, whether you want to do it or not.. okay bro sist..
-          GUY  and GIRL  motorcyclist
-          If you are a pussy guy who are so pussy and rare to improve your fighting skills by exercising your body.. and up to day you have not experienced a thing that makes you proud of and happy as hell… such you have not felt the feel to have a gf/bf, the feel to be loved by a girl/guy, the feel to be kissed, the feel to be hugged, the feel to be noticed and awared, gets high score of subjects in college.
-          We wish you, again it is ‘wish’ not ‘must’ it is up to you. You want to do it or not.
-          If I were you because I’m a pussy I will not go into those roads at above 22.00 without my parents or friends around.
-          In case you already make yourself to be outside on that hour, like when you have group discussion we suggest you to stay in your mate’s house (nginep) subuh pulang.
-          Next, if you are a brave and clever guy.. you will know that you do not have to stay outside so late.. you will choose to stay Home, study, open your holy Qur’an or bible and cite it, helping your mom and dad… do something useful.
-          We wish you to form a forum to go outside together you can use social media to promote it
-          We wish you to form a petition or proposal which is to be delivered to the authorities like Police Department
-          In case you already outside on that hour, and something horrible happens, you can fight them (in case the begal just 1 person) if more than one we suggest you to pretend to be dead or surrender like a sissy (bencong). If you are the fan of Iko Uwais and you are so obsessed with him we wish you.. you will fight them even they are more than 5 begals.
-          Again it is Wish not Must
-          Car Driver
-          If your car is a big car with big wheel and solid grill or shield we suggest you to crush and squash them down
-          If your car is a fast car like a racing car we suggest you to race with them and lead them to the Police office
-          In case your car is a common city car, we suggest you to bring your own weapon we are sure as hell that your parents are afford to buy you weapons like knife, pistol, electric tazer these weapons are useful during the worst moment that might be occured.

In Conclusion
1.       We wish you not to pass the roads we already stated above.
2.       Learn the modus operandi carefully
3.       Don’t follow our insane instructions and advices