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Things that keeps you up at Midnights

A short review (and recommendation by Pruenella from batch 20 <3)
According to Taylor Swift, the five things that keep her up at midnight are self-loathing, fantasising revenge, wondering what might’ve been, falling in love, and finally, falling apart. These things helped her inspire her newest a…

Why Writing is the Best Activity for Your Brain

Did you know that an average writer’s brain activity is almost equivalent to an athlete running a marathon?
Like any other creative activities, writing provides benefits to you, both mentally and physically. The brain is like a muscle inside your body. And just like athletes doing physical exercises…

Pseudo-Listening: A Fake Attention

Listening is an important skill for your whole life, either educational, professional, and even your daily life. Listening is different from hearing. When you listen, you need to pay much attention to the speaker so you are able to comprehend what the content is. It is different from hearing. You h…

Series Recommendations Inspired by Classics Literature

Not many people enjoy reading classic literature nowadays. Manyfind coming-of-age or 21st century stories more interesting. Some of us probably thought that classic literature had nothing to do with our lives and how we live our lives now. Classic literature in the form of novels might appear to be…

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