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Women Representations on Glass Ceiling Portrayed in "The Man" Lyric Video

Probably the glass ceiling phrase is not quite familiar to us. So, let me elaborate it briefly. Buckle up, everyone! 
From the Cambridge Dictionary, the glass ceiling phrase can be detailed as "a limit that is unofficial but understood which prevents someone, especially a woman, from advancing …

Coco: Mexican Cultures & Real-Life Inspirations Explained

A film can be a great media to introduce and appreciate any culture in the world. One example that best presents the statement before is Disney Pixar's "Coco" (2017), a relatable and endearing story about family and self-discovery. It is an example of a great portrayal of traditions a…

Mastering the Third Language from Zero to Hero

As a student from English Department, we know that English has unconsciously become our second language for a standard of living. In Indonesia itself, we were taught to learn English since we were young. Even if you are not eloquent or just a passive speaker, that would still be useful because Engl…

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